Holiday Leftovers:


I looked in the fridge and saw the leftovers from Thanksgiving.  As I threw them out it made me think of company newsletters.

  1. They are old
  2. They are taking up space
  3. They stink and might just make people sick.

The newsletter format is outdated, and is usually a mixture of really old news and employee profiles.  The author likely sees this as an extra task that is an obligation and a time suck. Yummy…

Turkey cake

(Yes, that is a cake made from Thanksgiving leftovers. Gotta love that Potato/marshmallow icing! )

Your clients are way too busy to be combing through old news and although I am sure your employees are awesome, nobody really cares to read about them.  If they did, they would follow them on Twitter.

Throw it out.  Be ruthless on the quality of your customer communication.  Better to have no communication than to have your clients thinking this when your newsletter arrives…

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