Walter Mitty


If you read the original short story written by James Thurber you will get a very different story than what you see in Ben Stiller’s movie version.  The original story leaves the reader wondering what kind of delusional looser Walter Mitty is.  He seems feckless and spineless and the story ends that way.  It’s as if his day dreams are a coping mechanism to stave off the feelings of guilt and shame at the life he has trapped himself in.

Not so with the movie.  Although Ben Stiller’s Walter Mitty may look dispensable to the obnoxious frat boys who are brought in to transition LIFE Magazine to a digital publication, the viewer senses something deeper in his character.  As the story unfolds, one sees that the trauma Walter Mitty experienced earlier in his life may have driven him to create a world that is rich in imagination yet small and controllable.  As the interactions with his family indicate however, he is not a social misfit.  His world is not so small that he cannot provide for the various needs of his elderly mother and irresponsible sister.

In so many hero stories there is a point where the protagonist says “this far and no further”.  What was it for Walter Mitty?  It might have been the inspirational gift from the intrepid photographer played by Sean Penn.  Maybe it was the imminent demise of the work both of them were doing?   Whatever it was, the situation clearly presented a line Walter Mitty would not be pushed past and it awakened in him a part of himself long-buried.  You might say he was brought back to life.

“Be properly scared and go on doing what you need to do.” – Flannery O’Connor

Is there a point you will not be pushed past; so urgent that you stop living in your head?

Thomas Merton said that “A man knows when he has found his vocation when he stops thinking about how to live and begins to live”.

Are you living?

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